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Sunrooms and fully insulated enclosures are designed to be unique living spaces to enjoy the outdoors while remaining out of the elements.  Consequently most of our designs are in back yards and resort parks.  Our custom built porches are not limited to manufacturer's "packages" but rather, each component is selected from our residential suppliers to specifically meet the homeowner's need.  We offer a variety of roof and wall insulation thicknesses, different options of veneers to the interior and exterior, and many ways to upgrade a room to meet the look and feel our customer desires.  Imagine escaping to your own back yard space to rest or entertain without the hassles of weather's uncertainties.

Clean open lines in a 3 seasons porch with an insulated ceiling offer protection from the outside elements and provide a unique outdoor feeling from mid spring well into the fall.
Our fully insulated porches use additional insulation applied to the walls and residential Energy Star rated vinyl thermal windows.  You have the choice of double hung window design, if you wish to ventilate from the top only, or sliding style design for larger openings.  Walls are warmer during the cold season and cooler in the summer.
Our 4-Season enclosures consist of a conventional metal or shingled wood roof with proper insulation and venting.  Roof venting is so important during Michigan winters for your room to truly be a 4-Season room.  High efficiency thermal glass in windows and added insulation throughout, can greatly extend the use of your porch during the off season.  We employ our years of experience in the business to give you an honest appraisal of what can be expected from the performance of your porch in the summer as well as in the winter.  Call us to begin planning a sun room customized to your specific needs.
We have built many different unique porches to meet our customers specific needs.